Intro to Ayurveda and Self Care
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Intro to Ayurveda and Self Care

  • Bloom Healing Arts Studio

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” – Ayurvedic Proverb

We are bringing elements of Ayurveda into our practice and would really love to share it with you! In this workshop we will explore the foundational principles of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, and the wisdom it offers regarding our healing. You will learn about the history of Ayurveda, it's basic elements, and dive into some core daily habits that can support you in experiencing better health on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. You will learn about different body types and be able to identify your own tendencies as well as those of your loved ones.

You will learn how the ancient art and science of Ayurveda can help you to reset digestion, change unwanted habits, increase your energy, improve your sleep, bring the healthy glow back to your skin, and more. You'll go home with a much better idea of how to apply Ayurveda principles to your life and create a working daily self care plan. 

Ayurveda, ancient yet timeless, gives you the means of attaining and maintaining your own optimal health and well-being. The benefits of Ayurvedic medicine have been proven over centuries of use. In this workshop, we will determine your past and current states of health or illness and how to bring balance back into your life.

Class will take place from 3-5pm on Sunday, January 29th at Bloom Healing Arts Studio

Tickets are $25 and available at


4:00 pm16:00

Finding Zen: A Non-Traditional Meditation Series

Sitting in silence can be tough for some of us, so this meditation class is for those who are stressed, can't stay focused, creative souls, or maybe even a little bit meditation cynical. In this 4 week series, we will learn and explore the many different ways to meditate. It is a great class for beginners or those who don't connect with more traditional meditation or yoga classes/settings. It's also great for those who would like to get centered for the transition from weekend to work week. Either way, you'll have lots of ideas to take away if you'd like to begin a home meditation practice.

We will explore meditation techniques and tools, such as movement, writing, coloring, drawing, mantras, visualization, relaxation, and more! Open discussion is allowed and encouraged! It's all about learning and exploring in order to find what helps YOU find YOUR zen!
Cost for the entire 4 weeks is $30 prepaid, or you can drop in for $10 per class. 
We'll meet every Sunday in August from 4:30-5:30pm.
Can't wait to zen with you!

Here is the link to prepay:

2:00 pm14:00

Burlesque Goddess Performance Series with Sugar St Germain

Build a new found confidence in Burlesque Goddess Series class with Columbia's Queen of Burlesque, Sugar St Germain!

This 6-week series class will focus on many aspects of burlesque, for those who want to become familiar with the basics, or might be thinking about becoming a burlesque performer. No dance experience or ability required! If you can walk, you're great! 

We will cover the foundations of burlesque, including, but not limited to: 
-History/Evolution of burlesque from Classic to Neo
-Character development and name
-Styles, niches, and gimmicks
-Basic moves, choreography, posing
-Awakening the sensual goddess confidence within
-Costuming and music selection
-Hair and makeup 

Week 6, each participant will have a chance to perform their own Burlesque number (no nudity necessary). Guidance will be given throughout the course to lead you into your character and create your own routine. Class will perform for each other, and will vote on whether or not they want others there for viewing. 

Sessions will take place Sunday afternoons 2-4pm starting May 15th
Price is $200/person.
Payment installments are available, so don't hesitate to set up a payment plan that works for you! Call or email for more info.

Pay in full online here:

7:00 pm19:00

Energy Healing 101

Energy Healing is powerful and transformative way to connect to your own body’s innate ability to heal spiritually, emotionally, physically and energetically. We often hear the phrase “energy healing” tossed around, and in this experiential workshop you’ll have a chance to not only learn some powerful hands on techniques, but you’ll also get to experience the energy first hand. 

In this workshop participants will learn:

- What energy healing is, and how it works
-The difference between various energy healing modalities.
What is Reiki?
What is Soma Pi?
What is meditative healing?
You’ll be learning a powerful affirmation for healing and protection.
Hands on techniques you can use on yourself and others.
Cost: $10

Pay online at:

Michael is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Intuitive Healer, Graduate of the Soma Pi Healing Technique Program, Certified Level 1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner, Intuitive Medium with over 12 years experience in teaching and practicing healing.

Jun 9

Hula Hoops for Health

Incorporating Hula Hoops, Yoga and Dance into a fun fitness practice that burns up to 600 calories an hour, inspires healthy movement and creates a sense of play and wonder, as well as self-esteem and body confidence!

Using the hoop in combination with dance, yoga and essential oils is truly empowering and FUN! This is a series class that is held at the same day and time for 6 weeks of awesome.

Even if you've never been able to hoop before, YOU CAN DO THIS. 
You will learn fundamental hula hoop moves that give a great core workout for weight loss, digestive health and improved posture. 
You will learn to use the hoop as a tool and prop in the hands during yoga postures and movement meditation. 
You will learn to move from your center, creating your own flowing hoop dance.
You will learn modern hoop dance choreography and incorporate hoop tricks into your flow.

Ages 12-100 welcome. Hoops are provided.

$80 for a 6 week series.

Pay online at:

Lori is a HoopYogini master trainer, a professional hoop dance and fire performer. Along with hoops, Lori is a wellness advisor with doTerra, a children and special needs advocate, as well as a Superhero for Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands.

Please contact Glitterhoopz by Lori on Facebook with questions and for inspiration of what Hula Hooping for Health is all about.

Apr 23

Burlesque Goddess Series with Sugar St Germain

Burlesque Goddess Series with Columbia's Queen of Burlesque, Sugar St Germain!

This 5-week series class will focus on many aspects of burlesque, for those who want to become familiar with the basics, or might be thinking about becoming a burlesque performer. Weeks 1-4, we will cover the foundations of burlesque, including, but not limited to: 
-History/Evolution of burlesque from Classic to Neo
-Character development and name
-Styles, niches, and gimmicks
-Fitness and nutrition
-Basic moves, choreography
-Awakening the sensual goddess within
-Costuming and music selection
-Hair and makeup

Week 5, each participant will have a Burlesque character photo shoot with Scott Bilby, including one image to take home (a $300 value!). Additional images may be purchased separately through Scott. 

Two sessions available to choose from, one Wednesdays starting March 23 from 7-9pm, one on Saturdays starting March 5 from 1:30-3:30pm. 
Price is $200/person if paid in full by Mar 16. $300 thereafter, payment plans available!

7:30 pm19:30

Intro To HoopYogini™ Series with Lori

Learn the basics of Hooping, Yoga, and Meditation in this 7 week introductory series. Hoop is included in the price (a $35 value!) and you will design, embellish, and create your very own aromatherapy infused hoop. While you hoop, the scent will uplift, relax, and empower your mind and spirit through every breath and movement.

This series starts Thursday, Jan 21st, and runs for 7 weeks, ending March 10th.Cost is $100 (7 classes and your take home aromatherapy hoop). Space is limited to 10, so sign up quickly!! No experience is necessary!! Come find out why we are all yelling "LIFE IS AWESOME!"

7:00 pm19:00

Soul Flow Dance Class

Soul flow is a dance class, but not in any traditional sense! Throw out all your preconceptions about dance classes. This is a therapeutic experience, in which no prior dancing experience is necessary. There are no mirrors. Soul flow takes us inward. We experience a deeper connection with the music, with ourselves and others, and with the movement when we dance from the soul. It is about the emotions in our music and the reasons for the movement. Appearance is of no concern, only feeling and healing. Soul flow is about letting yourself speak and express through your body. Come find out how your soul will move when you set it free...
Class is $12. Spot may be reserved in advanced at 

2:00 pm14:00

Healing Through the Chakras: A 7-week series

Do you keep hearing about chakras, but have no idea what they are? Do you know what they are already, but want to learn more? Are you fascinated by or curious about energy work? 

Come with us on a journey throught the chakras, beginning with an assessment of your own. We will focus our studies on one chakra per week, going in depth about each one, what its connected emotions are, and what we can do to recognize and heal our own imbalances.

Cost is $150 before January 10th. $200 after.
Purchase tickets:
Class will take place Sunday afternoons from 2-3:30 pm
Give yourself the gift of healing!

7:30 pm19:30

Sonic Meditation: Follow Your Heart

$15 - Space is limited. Tickets are available only online.

In this Sonic Meditation with 4 different healing frequencies of Solfeggio Harmonics, Schumann Resonance and pure tones, 

Space is limited. Tickets are available only online.

Join Ian Morris (Wake Magazine) & Venecia Running Wolf for very special Guided Meditations accompanied by Sound Healing (Sonic) ancient tones that are said to be the basis of the universe.

Sound Healing is the conscious use of energy / frequency of sound in order to facilitate change and healing in the human system as well as the evolution of consciousness. 

Sound therapy is based on the premise that matter vibrates to a specific frequency, and those frequencies have a great impact on creating change in that matter. Even greater than that, when we tune into resonant frequencies, sound can actually change consciousness. This, in turn, helps to open us up to much greater potential in all facets of our lives.

Tones we will work with in this meditation.

1.The "Chakra Alignment" begins by clearing and balancing your Root Chakra, then moves up though each consecutive chakra up through the Crown. It then blends the entire Master Solfeggio scale to complete the full-spectrum alignment. 

2.Sending Love to Gaia (528 Hz) 

3.The I AM Presence (528hz)

4.I am higher / I am lower(639hz)

6:30 pm18:30

Beginner's Knitting Class with Catalina Keller

This 2-hour class is for absolute beginners, but is also great for anyone who needs a refresher course. We will be covering the long-tail cast-on method, the knit stitch, and a very simple bind-off. The timing of this also makes a great gift! 

There are two price options: one with materials ($35) and one without ($25). If you want to buy your own, I can guide you as to what you're looking for. I highly suggest this option as you get to pick your favorite color and it gets you learning how to pick yarn for your future projects. (Your yarn addiction begins here.) However, if you'd like me to bring some new needles and yarn for you, make sure you add the fee onto your order. 

Class size is limited to 10, so get your space reserved early. This tends to be a very popular class. 

Classes must be paid for prior to the event. There are three ways to pay for the class: 

1) Follow this link to Eventbrite. There you will see options for the class and the materials fee (if you need it). There are fees attached to this, but they are pretty low.

2) You can send payment for either $25 or $35 (depending on if you need materials) through Paypal to klystrona (at) gmail (dot) com. 

3) I can take your payment information over the phone. Send me a private message and we can arrange that pretty easily. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please send me a message. I'm looking forward to sharing this skill with all of you! -Catalina

Jan 31

Fundamentals of Yoga 5-week Series with Mike

Are you a beginner or an “every so often” yoga practitioner looking to deepen your practice?  Are you a seasoned practitioner looking to strengthen the foundation of your practice? 

During this 5 week series you’ll be introduced to the building blocks of yoga. Having a strong foundation allows you to deepen your commitment to practicing yoga, but also helps you integrate what you are learning in your classes into your everyday life. There will be time for you to ask questions about yoga, meditation and creating a personal practice. 

During this 5 week series you’ll learn:
-Proper alignment and modifications for traditional yoga asana (postures)
-Proper use of props and modifications
-Yoga class structure
-Fundamental poses to increase flexibility and strength
-Meditative aspects of yoga
-Basics of yoga philosophy

Each class builds on the previous class, so it is encouraged that you attend all classes to get the most out of this series. This class is perfect for all body types, age ranges, and skill levels. Come as you are!  Having a strong foundation helps to eliminate the fear of stepping into a yoga class as a newcomer. It also helps you to strengthen your practice so that you can open up to more advanced practices and sequences. 

$80 for the entire series. To submit payment, please visit or pay in person the first class of the series.

12:00 pm12:00

Hoopy Holidays! - A DIY Aroma Hoop Making Workshop

Join HoopYogini Master Trainer, Lori Jacobsen for a fun and healing workshop. Each participant will create a beautifully crafted hoop, that when spun, becomes a beautiful tool to access aromatherapy healing. Great for daily practice and for times when stress or fatigue get you feeling low, you can spin your way to a good mood!

You will learn the basics of HoopYogini Spinal Awakening Series and From the Core Waist Hooping. Connect your senses and your emotions in a powerful and healing practice.

$50 in advance, $60 at the door- includes all materials. Space is limited so use the link above to prepay and secure your spot and save$! 

Prepay here:

All participants will leave with their own HoopYogini AromaHoop ($30 value)and a sample of their favorite DoTerra essential oil ($10 value) from the workshop. Great for yourself or to gift to a loved one!

2:00 pm14:00

Savor the Season: A Happy, Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

As the holiday season approaches, there's nothing like the dazzle of holiday parties, and cozy family get togethers. 'Tis the season of magic and comfort. But many of us can also experience sensory overload, holiday stress, and over indulgence.

So, how do we maintain a healthy balance during the holiday season? In this workshop, we will be sharing tips and techniques for mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation. We will also feature a segment on holiday stress management using essential oils! We will be doing a Nutritional Therapy session with Mandy Bloom (an $80 value), and will send you home with many tools and free gifts to help you not only survive, but enjoy the coming holidays!

You CAN escape this holiday season without feeling bloated, exhausted, or insane!

Join us at Bloom Healing Arts Studio on Saturday, November 29th from 2-4pm
Cost is $15

Guests may prepay at


10:00 am10:00

Holiday Open House

Come experience what Bloom Healing Arts Studio has to offer at our Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 28 2015. From 10am-4pm we will be offering free yoga classes, mini massage treatments, mini healing sessions, and more! We will also open up a drawing for freebies and discounts! We will have some tasty treats on hand to snack and drink on as well.

FREE YOGA CLASSES!! (Donations suggested)

10:30-11:30am HoopYogini with Lori
12:30-1:30pm Therapeutic and Chair Yoga with Nick
2:00-3:00pm Vinyasa Yoga with Mike

We'll keep you posted on all of the other freebies and extras! Keep an eye on this our Facebook event page for details to come!

2:00 pm14:00

Zen Drawing: A Hands-On Art Workshop with Amanda Ladymon

There are many different forms of Zen, or meditation, drawing. Just like the act of meditation, no two people will approach it the exact same way. Zen Buddhist monks do a form of meditative calligraphy drawing, which is done in a quick evocative manner to express their religious views and personal convictions. Therefore, you will be shown how to approach meditation through drawing based on the approach of being open and connecting with nature and the inner spirit. Learn to let go and open your mind to the sense of calm that can come from free flow expressive drawing using your hand or perhaps your entire body. Led by artist and educator Amanda Ladymon, you will learn how drawing can be relaxing, intuitive, and... fun! No artistic experience required.

What to bring: Yourself and an open mind! All materials will be provided.

Workshop Fee: $15 per person

Guests may prepay at

This workshop is intended for ages 17+ but families are also welcome! Parents will need to work together and guide smaller children in their creative process.

“The essential element of Zen Buddhism is found in its name, for Zen means ‘meditation’. “

1:30 pm13:30

HoopYogini™: Moods an Mudras Worskhop with Lori Jacobsen

Learn to balance your moods and adjust your outlook with HoopYogini™ ,Essential Oils, and Hand Mudras (Yoga for hands).

In this workshop you will connect to your center, discover hand positions that empower your life and apply Essential Oils to transform your mood.

You will practice seated meditation, learn mudras for healing, experience the power of EO's, and HoopYogini From the Core waist hooping as a movement meditation.

You will learn skills that will be helpful at home, at work and will be useful tools to have in your LIFE tool box.

HoopYogini™: Moods & Mudras will be dynamic, uplifting, energizing, and healing. All will leave feeling happy, connected, and empowered.

No experience necessary. Hoops and Oils provided. $35/per person

Guests may prepay at

1:00 pm13:00

Cupping 101: Learn the Ancient Art of Cupping for Improved Health

Cupping is an Ancient healing art that helps to remove toxins from the body and helps oxygenate the blood within the muslces when there is pain. Participants will receive a brief overview of the theory of cupping, a brief anatomy and musculoskeletal lesson, training on how to cup and lots of hands-on practice!

$325 per couple $215 individual

$60 additional for Pumping Cup Set

Price includes 2 small cups, 2 medium cups, 6 large cups, 2 XL cups, hemostat, cotton balls, lighter, bin for washing cups and a basket or tray. Couples will receive 1 kit.

Pumping Kit includes pump and 15 cups of various sizes.

Must prepay by October 12th to reserve your spot and supplies!

Space is limited.

Reserve your spot by registering online at or

Cancellations after October 12th will not include the cost of materials purchased.

Please wear loose clothing to the workshop and contact Noemi at if you can bring a massage table.

1:00 pm13:00

Healing Mandalas: A hands-on Workshop at Bloom

Healing Mandalas: A hands-on workshop @ Bloom Healing Arts Studio
Date: Saturday, October 17th, 2015 1-3 pm

The Mandala (Sanskrit for “circle” or “completion”) has a long history and is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. You will be taken on a spiritual journey within yourself as you explore your current thoughts and emotions through this hands-on therapeutic art workshop. Led by artist, educator, and owner of Ladybug Art Studios, Amanda Ladymon, you will create a portrait of yourself through the healing art of mandala. Through easy guided steps, you will create an original work of art.

What to bring: Yourself and an open mind! All materials will be provided. In order to truly express what is within, a variety of colorful materials will be available.

Workshop Fee: $15 per person

Tickets may be purchased in studio or here: This workshop is intended for ages 17+ but families are also welcome! Parents will need to work together and guide smaller children in their creative process.

“Mandalas are everywhere. They are the structures of our cells, our world, and our universe.”

12:30 pm12:30

Yoga For Spinal Health: Workshop with Nick Hall

Join instructor Nick Hall as he leads us through a 75-min workshop focused on health of the spine and the surrounding muscles that stabilize and support it. This class makes poses more accessible for those who suffer from back pain, are recovering from injury, or seek to maintain their current spinal health. 

Cost is $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

You may purchase in advance in studio or here:

See you on the mat!

9:00 am09:00

Farm To Your Home Table: A Nutritional Therapy Adventure For Foodies and Locavores

  • Bloom Healing Arts Studio

Bloom is teaming up with Rosso Chef, Travis Rayle, to bring you a nutritious local food adventure!

Our journey begins at Bloom Healing Arts Studio, where we will assess and uncover your individual nutrient deficiencies and discover your personal nutritional needs. We will create personalized "power foods" shopping lists, and discuss and browse recipes and resources for cooking inspiration. We will then head to the Soda City Market on Main St. where we will shop for the top nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich foods on our lists while keeping our recipes in mind. From there, we will move to Loft 201 at 701 Whaley. We will hand off our ingredients to Chef Travis, who will then show us how to prepare our recipes and give us ideas on how to plan menus around farm fresh market finds! Then, the group will get to enjoy the meal together, family style. What could be more delicious than that?!

We want to show you that diets and nutrition don't have to be intimidating, bland, or restrictive. Feeding your body and soul at the cellular level sounds scientific, but it's actually quite a tasty adventure. We can't wait to give you the tools you need to know how to shop for your individual dietary needs and those of your family, then prepare meals at your own home table.

Cost of the event is $100 per person. Space is limited, so get your ticket fast! Your space must be reserved by ticket purchase on or before 9/12/2015. 
Participants are responsible for transportation between venues, and carpooling is recommended. Meal is included in ticket price, but if you want to snack on something at the market, please make sure to bring a little extra cash!
We can't wait! See you there!!

2:00 pm14:00

Master Class: The Emotion of Motion

In this Master Class, we will be exploring the connection between movement and emotion. On stage and off, we are story tellers through our bodies and expressions. We will learn how to set intentions for movement while going beyond the steps and learning how to effectively communicate through dance and our movement. From every day pedestrian body language to acting for dancers, our main focus will be on the mind/body/soul connection, and effectively telling our story without speaking vocally.

$20 per person

6:30 pm18:30

Nutrition Workshop With Dr Katie Parks

Join Dr. Katie Parks of Maximized Living Health Center for an informative workshop uncovering the truth about nutrition. Bust some common myths and learn what may be causing weight loss resistance and hormonal imbalance, and leave with simple action steps to take your health to the next level! As a bonus, Dr. Parks will be sharing the secret behind why some people eat perfectly, but still end up overweight, sick, and suffering from disease. We are so grateful to host this event and it is FREE! Karma donations are accepted, but not necessary.

9:00 am09:00

Grand Opening Soiree Extravaganza!!

Join us for our fantastic launch party on our Grand Opening weekend! The party starts at 8pm, and we will have some beer, wine, and noshes. Feel free to bring your own if you feel compelled! Our tune-weaver for the evening will be our fantastic DJ friend Bakari Lebby! BONUS: Art gallery opening with our first featured artist, Michael Krajewski. This is going to be a fun one!!