As a Licensed Esthetician and Pro Makeup Artist, I often rant about direct sales or multi-level marketing. This business model has many people purchasing products from sales people instead of trained professionals who have spent at least 400 hours and thousands of dollars in skin care and sanitation education. Then, I found LimeLight by Alcone through a friend of mine from esthetics school, and everything changed. This company, although a direct sales company, did it the right way, and is full  of teams of licensed professionals who are selling these products because they use them in their pro kits and spas! LimeLight skin care products spoke to me because when Bloom was a brick and mortar spa, I was focusing on non-toxic skin care. I never found a product line that I was totally in love with, though. Despite them being non-toxic and organic, the products frustrated me because they didn't elicit much real change in the skin. They felt great, but lacked results! When I first heard that LimeLight was vegan, cruelty free, Leaping Bunny certified, botanical, gluten free, and free of harsh chemicals, I wondered if it was the same. I am happy to say that after trying the products for a few months, I started to see real change in my skin. People started to comment on how flawless it looked, even without makeup! It made me a true believer, and I jumped in!


If you are interested in transitioning to botanical, non-toxic skin care products, I can do a lot to help you. If you prefer to try before you buy, I usually have samples in stock of most products that I can send you, or you can try them at a one-on-one in your own home. I'll come to you and let you try what I have on hand! If you have friends that also want to try it, consider hosting a spa party, and you may be eligible for some free products and rewards! If none of those things sound like your gig, or you just want to jump in and purchase some to see how amazing these products are, we've also got you covered.

Here is my personal link to browse and purchase. Remember though, your purchase comes with a Beauty Guide (aka Moi!) to answer any questions and instruct you on how to best utilize your skin care products. I'm also here to guide you on what to purchase for the best skin care regime for your skin type! 


Great looking skin starts with great skin care. Invest. You are absolutely worth every penny!